Ontario Landfill Operations Seminar June 25, 2019 Wellington County

Developed by the Ontario Chapter, this new two day Landfill Operation Seminar, will focus on operational challenges for regional communities with small to medium sized waste sites. Equipment selection and governance regulations will be addressed along with other topics such as waste reduction programs, consultant selection, and landfill profiles. A tour of the Wellington County landfill  is included.
Guest Speaker Presentations:
  • Purchasing quality operating equipment
  • Consulting services procurement
  • Municipal Financing
  • Consultant’s view on emerging issues
  • Incorporating other waste reduction initiatives
  • Profiles of 3 different landfills


Seminar spaces will be limited, so register early.  Landfill Operations Seminar REGISTRATION LINK
Attending the Landfill Fire Safety Seminar on June 26th, use this link to save $100 – REGISTRATION LINK TO BOTH SEMINARS

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