Landfill Fire Safety

Developed, and with copyrights, by the Northern Lights Chapter of SWANA. 

Course overview: This one-day educational seminar is designed to assist landfill personnel, firefighting professionals, and landfill inspectors in better understanding the challenges and impacts of landfill fires. The lessons will explain the different types and causes of landfill fires, identify tools and best management practices review for preventing fires, and review firefighting methods for addressing challenging and specific landfill fires.

Who Should Attend: Landfill Managers and Supervisors, local Fire Chiefs and emergency response teams.


  • Landfill Fires – Theory, Causes & Types
  • Fire Prevention & Response
  • Emergency Response Plan & Training
  • Subsurface & Long-term Fires
  • Waste Screening & Managing Materials
  • External Assistance & Scene Management
  • Worker Safety & Environmental Impacts
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Landfill Gas Fire Management

Check back often for upcoming new dates and locations or contact the Chapter office to arrange for a Seminar in your area.

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