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SWANA Ontario Safety Summit

In partnership with the City of Toronto, SWANA Ontario invite you to join us in the Annual Safety Summit, featuring topics on health and safety and COVID-19 impacts.
1:00- 3:30 PM
Moderated by
Peter Hargreave, Policy Integrity
Agenda Topic Speaker
SWANA perspective/resources on COVID-19 David Biderman/Jesse Maxwell, SWANA
Toronto’s Vision Zero & New Driver Training Facility Jameel Aladdin, City of Toronto
Automated cart recognition system for collection trucks Jan d’Ailly, Eagle Vision Systems
Toronto’s Health & Safety Response to the Pandemic Alexandra Marangoni, City of Toronto
Mental Health of Workers During the Pandemic Dr. Katy Kamkar, CAMH
Panel Discussion on Health & Safety, COVID-19 Impacts Talal Al Saied, Veolia
Das Soligo, County of Wellington

1:00-3:30 PM
Moderated by
Peter Kryger, Region of Niagara
Agenda Topic Speaker
Driver & Pedestrian Safety Technology Pilot Project Caroll Lau, Transport Canada
Maintaining a Culture of Organizational Safety & Combatting COVID 19 Fatigue Joey Abrams, Waste Management
Toronto’s Operational Response to the Pandemic Piri Navaretnarasa, City of Toronto
Fleet Vision International Sharon Fleming, City of Calgary
Fleet Ergonomics: Truck Spec & Purchasing impact on MSD prevention Tamiko Matsumoto, City of Toronto
Guelph’s Safety Management System: Job Safety Analysis & Continuous Improvement Cameron Walsh, City of Guelph
Panel Discussion on Health & Safety, COVID-19 Impacts TBD

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