Canadian Manager of Landfill Operations (MOLO)

This is a certification course offering 30 CEUs with exam option

The new MOLO course provides a comprehensive look at the field of landfill operations management—everything from the basics, to site and environmental management and monitoring, to landfill closure. Coupled with other educational resources, on-the-job training, and real-world experiences, SWANA’s new MOLO program will help individuals prepare for SWANA certification in landfill operations.

New Modules:

  1. Course Introduction and Overview
  2. Landfill Basics
  3. Landfill Siting, Development, and Design
  4. Short – and Long-Term Planning
  5. Landfill Operations
  6. Site Management and Control
  7. Leachate and Landfill Gas
  8. Groundwater Monitoring and Storm water
  9. Closed Landfill Management and Maintenance
  10. Landfill Safety
  11. Communication and Training
  12. Prohibited and Hazardous Waste Materials Management
  13. Management and Leadership

The Canadian Manager of Landfill Operations course manual is a comprehensive operations manual covers these module topics, and more with supplemental images, graphs and examples for participants to discuss and serves as a must-have on the job reference tool.

Who Should Attend:
Landfill owners, managers, and supervisors, as well as engineers and consultants.