Waste Professional Management Seminar Series

Thursday Lunch Hour with SWANA Ontario

This seminar series objective is to aid professionals in the waste management industry, by broadening their knowledge on the challenges of business management. The industry is changing rapidly with new program goals being pushed by government as well as tightening economics and the need to accomplish more with the same amount of funding. These seminars will not only equip you to become a better professional but offer enlightenment on issues that are going to be important in the next few years.

In the third Seminar in the Ontario Chapter of SWANA Waste Professional Management Seminar series, we will focus on contract negotiations, specifications and the associated risks factors from an insurance standpoint. Due to restrictions from meeting in large groups for an in-person presentation day, this Seminar will be hosted as a four part webinar series.


Proposal Development from a Purchasing Focus
Speaker: Karen Bieri, 4 Procurement Services 

Webinar 1 – June 18  :  Negotiated RFPs – The Difference and the Impact

This session will explore the differences, the benefits and challenges of using one method over the other.  To provide insights into the decision of which to use and how that impacts your project.

Webinar 2 – June 25:   Specifications- How to Assemble Contract Specifications Correctly

This session will provide an overview of what constitutes good contract specifications. Topics will include specification items that need to be considered, highlights of wanted items versus needed items, and regulatory considerations. The webinar will be of value to anyone involved in authoring specifications as part of the procurement process.

Balancing the Risks – Contractual Liability and it’s Impact on Bid Pricing from an Insurance Perspective
Speaker: Deborah Thompson, Manager, Risk and Insurance Services Unit, Province of Ontario 

Webinar 3 – July 9: Contractual Liability – Risk Transfer 

Contractual Liability

Risk Transfer of liabilities – too much or too little?
Contractual obligations and terms of agreement what are the risks and how does it affect pricing?
Contractual obligations and when is too much not enough?
What is hold harmless and where is it applicable?

Webinar 4 – July 16 Demystifying Insurance 

Demystifying Insurance

Risk control techniques
How will insurance cover the risks and what must occur to ensure appropriate coverage;
Certificates of Insurance – Proof of Financial Responsibility