Safety does not take a break during summer holidays. Stay vigilant & keep safe while enjoying the outdoors !

Accidents in the waste industry, and in particular through residential waste collections, continue to occur, despite driver safety training and public awareness campaigns of the dangers of heavy trucks on roadways. This past week, a pedestrian was struck by a garbage truck under contract to the City of Ottawa. The pedestrian, a 70-year-old woman, suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital in critical condition, where she later died.
As your Safety Ambassador for the Ontario Chapter of SWANA, I want to remind everyone that safety awareness does not take a summer holiday. The warmer weather tends to bring out more people to enjoy the outdoors, making our residential streets busier with pedestrian traffic. As staff members working with collection drivers, take a few minutes to remind drivers that the summer season with children home from school, can be a treacherous navigation through busy residential neighborhoods. And as a resident yourself, provide a wide berth when walking or driving around a collection vehicle. Awareness is our best safety tool !
Have a safe and enjoyable summer season.
Peter Kryger, P. Geo., PMP
Project Manager
Waste Management Services
Niagara Region

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